Lenox Winter Greetings

 All About Lenox Winter Greetings China

Brand: Lenox     Pattern: Winter Greetings    

Manufacturer Status:  Active  In Production:  1997-

Description: Cream colored background, Red ribbon, Birds perched on thick holly and ivy rim, Gold Trim

Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher safe      Secondary Market Value: Very strong      Best Uses: Holiday dining


This Winter Greetings pattern has been manufactured by the Lenox China company, based in the USA since 1997. Lenox Winter Greetings is from the more formal looking patterns in Lenox's holiday storehouse. Lenox Holiday is more well known but tends to tilt more toward the bright and cheerful, while Lenox Winter Greetings has a deeper, darker face to it. Artistically crafted by Catherine McClung out of fine bone china and 24k gold, it features holly, mistletoe, ribbons presided over by watchful, festive winter birds. There have been a huge selection of pieces made in this pattern, including many unique serving and gift pieces. It's festivity and affordability continue to make Lenox Winter Greetings a favorite for holiday shoppers everywhere.

Our favorite Lenox Winter Greetings pieces are the covered casserole bowl as well as the dinner plate

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