Lenox Vintage Jewel

All About Lenox Vintage Jewel China


Brand: Lenox   Pattern: Vintage Jewel

Status: Active   Manufatured: 1998 - 

Description: Platinum trim, gold & black border,white background

Dishwasher Safe: Unknown


This Vintage Jewel pattern has been manufactured since 1998 by the Lenox China company based in the USA. The Lenox Vintage Jewel is a beautiful looking pattern & has a a jeweled looking border especially on the salad plate where the border design is more heavy. The Vintage Jewel pattern has the new Lenox look with bright & bold coloring & is proving to be quite popular as we see from the demand we get for the pattern even though it has not yet been discontinued. Other patterns by Lenox similar to the Vintage Jewel pattern are Lenox Buchanan & Lenox Autumn. Shared among these patterns is a bold & bright design which looks beautiful.

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