Lenox Snow Lily


 All About Lenox Snow Lily

Brand: Lenox     Pattern:  Snow Lily    

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1972-1988

Description: Thick platinum rim, grey floral print design, cream background

Dishwashing Method:  Handwash      Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses:  Family holiday dining

This Snow Lily pattern was manufactured for sixteen years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA  The discontinued Lenox Snow Lily china pattern is a extremely warm & cozy looking pattern with its soft gray floral print design on a warm cream colored background making it an excellent pattern to dine with on the holidays & family gatherings. The Snow Lily pattern stands out a bit if you where to compare it to some other lenox patterns which many times have bolder colors & also matches well with some other Lenox patterns that have similar light & soft coloring like the Snow Lily pattern. The name Lenox Snow Lily is a bit of a contradiction as "snow" & "lilys"are from two different seasons. A pattern by Lenox that contrasts well with the Snow Lily pattern is the Lenox Tuscan Orchard pattern, if you are seeking a pattern that would mix & match well with the Lenox Snow Lily pattern we would recommend the Rose Manor Pink pattern also by Lenox.

Our favorite Lenox Snow Lily pieces are the fruit dessert bowl  as well as the dinner plate.

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