Lenox Montclair

All About Lenox Montclair China

Brand: Lenox Pattern: Montclair

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued In Production: 1949-2004

Description: Presidential Collection, Cream background, Platinum Trim Theme: Classical

Dishwashing Method: Handwash (Probable)Secondary Market Value: Good Best Uses: Formal and Informal

This Montclair pattern was manufactured for 55 years by the Lenox China company, based in US. This china pattern is in the mold of other famous Lenox patterns such as Lenox Eternal, Solitaire and Hayworth to name a few. The basic design of these patterns is one of understated elegance. They are simple and unadorned, providing just enough to add class and style without detracting from the food being served. They are also great to mix and match with and go with a variety of meals and occasions. Besides for the platinum trim common to all pieces, there are some pieces that have additional trimmings around handles and the like. Being part of the Presidential collections allows it to mix freely with other, more decorative patterns of this collection since they all share the same shape.

Our favorite Lenox Montclair pieces are the covered vegetable bowl and the covered sugar bowl. They make great gifts!

$79.95 $47.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 3 1/8 in (8 OZ)
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$139.99 $83.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 17 1/4 in
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$29.99 $17.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 5 1/2 in (1 1/8" H)
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$27.99 $16.99
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$119.99 $71.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 2 1/8 in
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