Lenox Maywood


 All About Lenox Maywood

Brand: Lenox      Pattern: Maywood    

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1982-2009

Description: Cream colored background, platinum colored band & verge

Dishwashing Method: N/A      Secondary Market Value: Strong      Best Uses: Family dining


This Maywood pattern was manufactured for 27 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Maywood is an extremly verstaile pattern & can be combined with many patterns & used in almost any setting wether it be a formal dinner or sunday night dinner. The Maywood pattern verstaile nauture is due to its simple design of a plain cream colored background & a thin platinum band & verge which leaves you open to mixing & matching with many other designs. Lenox manufactures two Maywood patterns, the plain Maywood pattern with no design & the Maywood Blue Floral pattern, although both patterns have been discontinued they are still proving to be popular in the USA where it is manufactured & abroad. One of the patterns that we at Classic Replacements think may go well with Lenox Maywood is Franciscan Desert Rose which features a similar cream background but has a brightly colored floral design which can be toned down by adding some Maywood chargers to it. Some patterns similar to Leniox Maywood is Lenox Federal Platinum which has a white background but is also plain in design, or the Lenox Solitaire pattern which is almost identcal to the Maywood pattern.

Our favorite Lenox Maywood  pieces are the gravy boat as well as the low oval vegetable bowl

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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 9 1/2 in (2 3/8 HEIGHT)
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$159.99 $95.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 16 in
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Good (Utensil Wear), Size: 6 1/2 in
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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 3 1/8 in
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