Lenox Tosca


All About Lenox Tosca

Brand: Lenox   Pattern: Tosca

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued   In Production: 1990 - 2002

Description: Gold trim & verge, white/cream background, green & red plants   Theme: Elegant, glitzy

Dishwashing Method: Handwash   Secondary Market Value: Fair   Best Uses: Formal

This Tosca pattern was manufactured for 12 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. The Lenox Tosca pattern is an elegant & slightly loud looking pattern & has the classic cream colored background found on many Lenox china patterns. The Tosca pattern is unique in its name, the word " Tosca" is Italian & is the name of a famous opera by Giacomo Puccini. It is unique becuase most patterns by this manufacturer bear english names or names of American presidents like the Lenox Buchanan & Harrison patterns. Unless you dislike the Italian languge you will be delighted with this pattern & will be sure to garner many compliments.


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