Lenox Pebble Point

All About Lenox Pebble Point China

Brand: Lenox Pattern: Pebble Point 

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued In Production: 2001-2013

Description: Kate Spade, cream, silver border with bead accents Theme: Timeless

Dishwashing Method: dishwasher safe (probable)  Secondary Market Value: Fair  Best Uses: Informal

This Pebble Point pattern was manufactured for 6 years by the Lenox China company, based in the US. This pattern is the perfect addition to you daily dinner table. A timeless pattern with subtle beads of color at the center and along the rim accented by platinum elegance. The new Pebble Point collection is designed to bring sophistication to every event from cocktail parties to casual family suppers. The cobblestone accents of this bone china provide a stunning presentation. This is Lenox beauty at it's finest. 

Our favorite Lenox Pebble Point pieces are the salad plate and the creamer. 

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