Lenox Essex-Maroon-Smooth

 All About Lenox Essex Maroon

Brand: Lenox     Pattern: Essex Maroon     Pattern #: O351R

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1938-1978

Description: maroon and gold, gold trim

 Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Formal

This pattern was manufactured for 40 years by the Lenox company, based in the United States. Lenox Essex Maroon comes in two varieties - smooth or scalloped - but both have maroon and gold leaf-like designs with gold trim. The maroon color is a great choice for those who prefer a bolder look. You can get an eclectic effect if you mix the smooth and scalloped pieces in togeher in the same table setting, or stick to a certain shape for a more traditional appearance. Either way, Essex Maroon is sure to impress with its sophistication and beauty. 

Our favorite Lenox Essex Maroon pieces are the footed cup as well as the dinner plate.

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