Lenox Bellaire (Newer)

 All About Lenox Bellaire

Brand: Lenox     Pattern: Bellaire (Newer)      

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1986-1995

Description: metropolitan, newer, pink and blue flowers

 Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe     Secondary Market Value: OK     Best Uses: Formal, Tea 

This pattern was manufactured for 10 years by the Lenox company, based in the United States. This newer Bellaire pattern has a creamy background and is adorned with a band of pale pink and blue flowers. It is a great pattern for those who want to add just a little bit of relaxing color to their collections and table settings. This is a great pattern for easygoing occasions such as afternoon tea or lunch, but can be used in a variety of situations depending on how your table is set.

Our favorite Lenox Bellaire pieces are the dinner plate as well as the salt and pepper set.

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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 10 3/4 in
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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 8 1/4 in
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$19.99 $14.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 3 in
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$59.99 $44.99
Excellent/Flawless, Size: 9 3/4 in (3)
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Excellent/Flawless, Size: 16 1/8 in
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