Lenox Filigree Napkin Ring Collection

Brand: Lenox

Pattern: Filigree Napkin Ring Collection

Dishwashing Method: Handwash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Golden Scroll Imprint

Material: Bone China

Status: Discontinued

Filigree Napkin Ring Collection is a beautiful dinnerware pattern by Lenox. It features a creamy layer with golden scrolls encrypted in the middle of the outer surface that looks elegant. The shape of the china pattern is such that it beautifully ensembles the napkins stored in it. As far as its incredible beauty is concerned, it’s possible that you will find your guests awestruck by its attractive design at the dinner table.

If you are finding it difficult to hand-pick a gift for your friend's birthday, how about a Filigree Napkin Ring Collection! Your friend would love this unique gift and appreciate your wise choice.

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