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 All About Lenox Erin

Brand: Lenox     Pattern:  Erin     

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1991-2004

Description: Platinum trim, white background, grey border of thin twisted lines

Dishwashing Method:  N/A     Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses:  Family dining/upscale every day dining

This Erin pattern was manufactured for thirteen years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA.  The discontinued Lenox Erin china pattern is  a simple looking pattern without much flair to it, the Erin pattern features a simple design of a thin platinum rim with with a border of three light gray lines on a a white background which contrasts quite beautifully with the platinum rim & really makes the Erin pattern a standout among other china patterns despite the simplistic design on the Lenox Erin pattern.The Lenox company also manufactured a similar looking pattern to Lenox Erin called Lenox Erica & shares a very similar name & is almost identical in its pattern design. The Lenox Sand Dune Platinum pattern is also very similar to the Erin pattern, it has the same lines but they are engraved in to the china & not drawn/painted on it like in the Erin pattern. 

Our favorite Lenox Erin pieces are the creamer  as well as the oval vegetable bowl.

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