Lenox Eclipse

All About Lenox Eclipse China

Brand: Lenox     Pattern: Eclipse

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1972-2007

Description: Gold rim, black & gold band, cream background

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Strong

This Eclipse pattern was manufactured for 35 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. The Lenox Eclipse pattern is a a pattern with an exquisite eye- catching  design that is hard to match, its gold rim matches beautifully with its inner black border making it altogether a truly elegant pattern. This pattern is truly an unusual pattern for Lenox, although they do have some similar ones like Lenox Tuscany. Most patterns these days by this manufacturer are more of a set design & not so floral looking like the Lenox Eclipse pattern is.

Our favorite Lenox Eclipse pieces are the fruit bowls as well as the gravy boat.

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