Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

All About Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

Brand:  Johnson Brothers     Pattern:  Summer Chintz

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued     In Production:  1988 - 2008

Description:  Multi-colored floral sprays on swirls bounded by a dark pink rim. 

Theme:  Country     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash      

Secondary Market Value:  Fair     Best Uses:  Spring, Summer

This bright and cheery collection was produced for two decades by Johnson Brothers of England.

Johnson Brothers was founded in 1883 at Charles Street Works in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.  The names of the brothers who founded the company are:  Alfred, Frederik, Henry, and Robert.  Johnson Brothers continued its growth in the tableware industry throughout the first half of the 20th century.  But by the late 1960s, demand waned and the company was acquired by the Wedgwood group in 1968.

True to its name “chintz’, this pattern even has matching table cloth, placemats, cloth napkins, hand towel, apron, oven mitt, and pot holder.  It is also rendered on flatware and glassware!

The piece that we like most is the glass bottle with a stopper as well as the pitchers.  You can almost imagine cooling yourself with ice cold water or chilled fresh fruit juice!  

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