Johnson Brothers

In 1883, the grandsons of the founders of the pottery J. & G. Meakin, established their own pottery business. Alfred and Fredrick deemed it Johnson Brothers and made it their mission to produce earthenware called "White Granite". While it appeared like china, the material was tough and durable. Their two other brothers joined the business and the number of potteries they owned would increase to five. They became known for their affordable transferware in the United States and England. Amidst the highs and lows of the business as the World Wars and the Great Depression affected business, Johnson Brothers held on however it could. In 1968, Johnson Brothers joined the Wedgewood Group after it could no longer remain independent. In 2003, production was moved to China, making the hunt for true Staffordshire pottery from Johnson Brothers much more challenging for collectors. Early Johnson Brothers pieces had a crown printed on them with "Johnson Bros England". At Classic Replacements, we only carry 100% authentic Johnson Brothers replacement china, so you'll never have to sift through imitations.

One of the great things about this collection is the sheer variety in Johnson Brothers patterns we offer at any given time. There are many beautiful and uncommonly seen china patterns that you won't find elsewhere. You'll find a number of different types of pieces, including dinner plates, saucers, bowls, creamers, teapots, and so much more. Finally get the missing piece to a pattern you've been collecting or begin a new Johnson Brothers collection to showcase in a display cabinet. Our replacement Johnson Brothers china offerings are always rotating, as our team scours dozens of estate sales and auctions every month to bring you fresh stock. If we don't have the pattern or specific piece you're looking for today, check in with us in a few weeks for an updated Johnson Brothers listing. To ensure you don't miss out, register your pattern with us so we can let you know once we've obtained pieces from it.

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