Herend Queen Victoria (VBO)

 All About Herend Queen Victoria

Brand: Herend     Pattern: Queen Victoria (Green Border)     Pattern #: VBO

Manufacturer Status:  Active     In Production:  1966-

Description: colorful flowers and butterflies, gold details, green border

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses: Informal, Spring


This pattern has been manufactured since 1966 by the Herend company, based in Hungary. This pattern combines the bright and wonderful colors of nature together onto a white background. Butterflies are flying about the flowers on these pieces, perhaps in reference to Queen Victoria herself, who was the monarch of the British Empire during the Victorian era which was named after her. This set would work well in an equally colorful setting, such as during nature's bloom during the spring season, though it fits any joyous occasion.

Our favorite Herend Queen Victoria pieces are the footed cup & saucer set as well as the dessert/pie plate.

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