Herend Princess Victoria Light Blue


All About Princess Victoria Ligh Blue China

Brand: Herend   Pattern: Princess Victoria Light Blue

Manufacturer Status: Active   In Production: 2010 -

Description: Gold trim, white background Theme: Elegant

Dishwashing Method: Handwash Secondary Market Value: Good  Best Uses: Formal


This Princess Victoria Light Blue pattern has been active since 2010 & is manufactured by the Herend china company based in Hungary. The Herend Princess Victoria Light Blue pattern is one of the Herend companies newer patterns as Herend is an extremly exclusive brand & keeps it like that by making less patterns then other china manufacturers . The Princess Victoria Light Blue pattern is the newer trend of patterns being made by Herend as you can see from its other current patterns like Herend Livia among several others. This newer design trend contrasts sharply with the older Herend patterns like the Herend Rothschild Bird pattern which is still being manufactured & is probaly one of the most well know & famous china designs in the world. The  Princess Victoria Light Blue pattern by Herend is a work of art & can be appreciated by anyone once they pick up one of the pieces & see its gorgeous craftsmanship & the exquiste attention that went in to every detail of its design even though it has a more blank background then other china patterns.



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