Herend Chinese Bouquet Green

All About Herend Chinese Bouquet Green (AV) China

Brand: Herend   Pattern : Chinese Bouquet Green (AV)

Description: Gold trim, basket weave border, green floral design

Status: Active   Manufactured: Unknown 

Dishwasher Safe: No

This Chinese Bouquet Green pattern has been in production for an unknown amount of years by the Herend china company based in Hungary. This Herend pattern is part of the Chinese Bouquet collection which is made up of fifteen patterns (as far as we know) with the same pattern design, a sampling of the Herend Chinese Bouquet collection is, Herend Chinese Bouquet Rust, Chinese Bouquet Blue, Chinese Bouquet Raspberry & Chinese Bouquet Blue Garland to name a few. The Herend Chinese Bouquet Green pattern is an absolutely exquisite looking china as is most of the Herend patterns are. The beauty of Herend is hard to pinpoint, it may be its handpainted design or its unique basket weave borders but the Chinese Bouquet Green pattern is sure to have something that appeals to most people in the market for Herend.

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