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All About Herend China

Brand: Herend Country HQ: Hungary Year Founded: 1826 

Company Status: Active Founded By: Vince Stingl

Makers of: China, Collectibles

Description: Herend was founded in 1826 in a Hungarian city of the same name by Vince Stingl. Though Stingl was the founder, much of the company's success came after his bankruptcy in 1839. The new owner, Mór Fischer, is the person often credited with breathing a new life into the company by finding the right niche. For a while, Herend specialized in making replacement pieces for collections that were hard to come by again if broken or lost. Making replacement pieces and collections for members of royalty, such as Queen Victoria, quickly added to Herend's fame and success. With the manufacturers now making their own designs, it wasn't long before Herend arrived in the United States in 1853.

In addition to china, Herend is also known for its wide selection of painted figurines. They were originally introduced in the 1850s and gained a sudden popularity around a hundred years later in the 1950s. Likely their most popular painted pattern, the fishnet, was originally used in black, but is now seen in rust, blue, green, and other colors as a signature Herend touch.

Some of the most successful patterns include Queen Victoria and Chinese Bouquet Rust, but Herend's most popular patterns is also one of its oldest: the handpainted Rothschild Bird that originated in 1850.