All About Herend China

Brand: Herend Country HQ: Hungary Year Founded: 1826 

Company Status: Active Founded By: Vince Stingl

Makers of: China, Collectibles


Herend is a china company that has been enjoyed by royalty and everyday people alike since 1826. In the small village of Herend, Hungary, Vince Stingl established the pottery business. It didn't find major success until it changed hands, landing in those of Mór Fischer in 1839. Herend specialized in making replacement pieces for collections that were difficult to find if broken or lost. Fischer took this capability and focused it on royal families. Now doing work for the likes of Queen Victoria, Herend's esteemed reputation led Fischer to further the company, hiring on manufactory artists to design dinnerware patterns of their own. In 1851, Queen Victoria purchased Herend's original work, prompting hundreds of wealthy aristocrats to follow suit. The company then introduced painted figurines to its porcelain offerings in the 1850s, but they became a truly popular household item in the 1950s. The Hungarian brand was brought to the United States in 1957, where it saw great prosperity. Though one of their most famous patterns is the Rothschild Bird, we carry many more gorgeous discontinued Herend china patterns in our inventory.

If you're looking for authentic replacements for a Herend pattern, you've come to the right place. Whether you need dinnerware or figurines, we carry both, making for an expansive collection. Here you'll find stunning Herend replacement china including saucers, cups, sugar bowls, vases, teapots, and so much more. Herend replacement china can be used for special occasions, wedding gifts, and even everyday use. Our team is dedicated to finding the very best Herend china at estate sales and auctions, so our inventory is always updating with new pieces. This means that if you're unable to find a specific pattern or item, you can check back with us in a few weeks. We also invite you to register your pattern with us. This way, once we obtain it, we can notify you so you don't miss out.

Herend is a timeless, classic china company that has had great influence on the industry. If you have other questions about our selection of Herend replacement china, please call us at (845) 357-0160 to speak with our knowledgeable sales staff.

Some of the most successful patterns include Queen Victoria and Chinese Bouquet Rust, but Herend's most popular patterns is also one of its oldest: the handpainted Rothschild Bird that originated in 1850.

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