Haviland Louveciennes

All About Haviland Louveciennes

Brand:  Haviland     Pattern:  Louveciennes

Manufacturer Status:  Active     In Production:  1973 - Present  

Description:  Gold-rimmed porcelain with floral accents and green laurel.

Theme:  Floral     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Good     Best Uses:  Everyday

Louveciennes is a town in North-Central France. It is home to many castles from the 17th and 18th centuries and is said to have inspired many painters, writers, and musicians – and this pattern too. 

This pattern was created by Haviland of France.  This collection’s dainty design makes it ideal for everyday use.

Our favorite is the coffeepot.  Its gold handle and spout will make any setting elegant.  We also love the cake plates with its various shapes and sizes to choose from.  Cake party, anyone?

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