Coalport Indian Tree - Multicolor (Smooth Edge)

All About Coalport Indian Tree - Multicolor (Smooth Edge)

Brand:  Coalport     Pattern:  Indian Tree - Multicolor (Smooth Edge)

Description:  Floral Tree with blue and pink flowers, gold trimmings and floral sprays around it.

Theme:  Elegant     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Very Good     Best Uses:  Formal Dinner

The Indian Tree pattern was actually inspired by Chinese, and not Indian art.  Looking at its strong and striking design, one cannot help but be reminded of royals that once graced the ancient orient.

This pattern was made by Coalport of England which is known for its sprigged floral decorations.

If you are having a formal long dinner, this will be a good choice as the grandeur of this design will match the abundance of the courses and dishes that you will serve. 

This collection has many lovely pieces but the one that stands out is the mustache cup!  It will surely be appreciated by your bearded guests.

Also available in Newer,Older, and Semi-Scalloped.

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