Coalport Indian Tree - Multicolor (Scalloped, Older)

All About Coalport Indian Tree - Multicolor (Scalloped, Older)

Brand:  Coalport     Pattern:  Indian Tree - Multicolor (Scalloped, Older)

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued

Description:  Floral tree with blue and pink flowers, Gold bands.

Theme:  Elegant     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Very Good     Best Uses:  Chinese Lauriat

The Indian Tree pattern was actually inspired by Chinese, and not Indian art.  Looking at its strong and striking design, one cannot help but be reminded of royals that once graced the ancient orient.

This pattern was made by Coalport of England which is known for its sprigged floral decorations.

If you are having a Chinese Lauriat-themed dinner, this will be a good choice as the grandeur of this design will match the abundance of the courses and dishes that you will serve.  

This collection is an older rendition of the Indian Tree pattern and the hand painting is not as sharp but there are so many interesting pieces in this collection.  The following are our favorites:

-   China sherbet (You can almost imagine eating the customary almond lychee in them!)

-   Cranberry bowl, which is perfect for Thanksgiving.

-   Dessert / Snack plate and cup set

-   Swirl-shaped flat cup and saucer set

-   Marmalade with matching lid

-   Muffin dish and lid, which is like a small personalized tureen.

-   Four-sliced toast server paired with the marmalade and matching lid.

Top it all off with the bell to ring for service – a total class act!

Also available in Newer, Semi-Scalloped, and Smooth Edge.

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