Coalport Cairo Green On White

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 All About Coalport Cairo Green On White

Brand: Coalport     Pattern:  Cairo Green On White    

Manufacturer Status:  Unknown   In Production:  Unknown

Description: Gold rim, white background, design of Oriental/tropical flowers & birds

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses:  Oriental dining

This Cairo Green On White pattern was manufactured for an unknown amount of years by the Coalport China company, based in England. Coalport Cairo Green sounds like the design of the pattern would have a Middle Eastern look to it due to its name "Cairo" which is the capitol city of the country Egypt, however the design is anything but Middle Eastern looking & leans more towards an Oriental look with its design of Oriental looking birds & flowers. The Coalport company has a wide range of design most probaly due to many different influances in the Coalport china company. for example if you look at another Coalport pattern called Blue Wheat which looks nothing like the Cairo Green pattern. Coalport has many different variations of the Cairo design in other colors like gold,blue etc... Coalport also manufactures other china patterns with an Oriental influence  to them, like the Ming Rose pattern which does not have an Oriental looking to the pattern but does have an Oriental sounding name.

Our favorite Coalport Cairo Green On White  pieces are the dinner plate as well as the cup

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