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The Coalport porcelain manufactory (or Coalport China) is the first porcelain factory in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England.  It was founded by potter John Rose in 1795.  It was named Coalport because of the coal that was transferred from canal boats to river vessels in the area.  Under the proprietorship of John Rose, the company became a market leader, producing a wide range of porcelain ware.  

After John Rose died in 1841, businessman William Pugh took over and managed the company until his death in 1875, after which the company was put in receivership by his heirs.  It was purchased in 1880 by Engineer Peter Bruff who let his son Charles Bruff manage it.  It was under Charles’ management that the company was able to export to the United States and Canada.  Due to financial difficulties however, it was taken over by the Cauldon Potteries, Ltd., of Shelton, Staffordshire, in 1925, where it also moved production, Staffordshire being the center of the ceramics industry in Britain.  In 1967, the company became part of the Wedgwood group.

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