Christian Dior Gaudron-Onyx (Gold Trim)

Brand: Christian Dior

Pattern: Gaudron-Onyx (Gold Trim)

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued

Dishwashing Method: Handwash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Golden Band, Onyx Black Rim

Material: Bone China

In Production: 1991 - 1999

The Gaudron-Onyx (Gold Trim) dinner wear pattern was released by the brand Christian Dior in 1991. After almost 8 years, they stopped the manufacturing of the pattern in 1999.

The pattern has an intricate golden trim that also features a black band around the golden borders. It gives a lovely appearance. Whatever the occasion be, serving food in these dinner sets will surely make it more special.

You can even gift it to your special ones, and they will surely appreciate it.

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