Christian Dior Casablanca


 All About Christian Dior Casablanca

Brand: Christian Dior     Pattern: Casablanca    

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1991-1999

Description: Gold rim, white background, gold & blue verge, print of lepords & palm trees as a border

Dishwashing Method: Handwash     Secondary Market Value: Strong      Best Uses: Formal dining with exotic dishes


This Casablanca pattern was manufactured for 8 years by the Christian Dior China company, based in France. There is a great deal of history & information that we could write aboute the Christian Dior china company & its patterns like the discontinued Casablanca pattern. Christian Dior originally designed clothing for women & only branched out at a later time in to designing china & other things. The Casablanca pattern has that original Christian Dior look to it as can be seen from comparing it to other patterns by Christian Dior such as the Renaissance pattern, most patterns by Christian Dior feature a 24 karat gold border with the companys insignia on it along witha  stark white background & a brightly colored and always intresting design. The Casablanca pattern features a strong resemblence to some designs by Lynn Chase china like the Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle & the Lynn Chase Golden Cheetah patterns among many which have a similar design of wild jungle animals. Besides for the exquisite china made by the Christian Diors china company there is also a rich history to it with many intresting tidbits, Christian Dior himself was an up & coming designer when world war two broke out & he was called up to military service, when France fell to the Germans, he was detained & held as a POW for almost a year & only once he returned did he really start to make a name for himself. Some are of the opinon that the Christian Dior china company is crediited for makeing Paris the fashion capitol of the world as they originated from there. Whatever your taste in china may be, if you are serving your guests or family on some fine Christian Dior Casablanca china or other similar looking patterns it is bound to be an intresting meal.

Our favorite Christian Dior Casablanca pieces are the covered vegetable bowl as well as the salt & pepper set

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