Ceralene Morning Glory Spray

 All About Ceralene Morning Glory Spray

Brand: Ceralene     Pattern: Morning Glory Spray

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1986-1996

Description: Gold trim, yellow border & verge, small floral design 

Dishwashing Method: Handwash      Secondary Market Value:  Strong 

Best Uses:  Formal springtime dining     Theme: Spring

This Morning Glory pattern was manufactured for 10 years by the Ceralene (Raynaud) China company, based in France. This discontinued pattern is an extremely strong seller even in the US where buyers very often prefer china manufacturers like Lenox & Wedgwood. The Morning Glory Spray pattern is an extremely delicate & beautiful looking pattern & is quite different from many other French patterns like Christian Dior Casablanca for example. Due to its strong sales in the US & worldwide it remains a very sought after pattern even though it has been discontinued in 1996. Replacement china retailers like Classic Replacements are a great place to find this pattern & we are constantly buying more Ceralene Morning Glory Spray china at top prices

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