Céralene is a specific type of dinnerware china made by the French company Raynaud & Co. After Martial Raynaud found success as a porcelain salesman in 1911, he later opened a factory of his own in Limoges, France which he named “Porcelaines Raynaud”. The company has since remained quite successful in the china industry and continues to produce extraordinary pieces.

What makes Raynaud’s china so special? The Céralene dishes are made using the famous Limoges clay. This city is where kaolin clay was discovered at Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche in 1768. Kaolin is a very fine, white clay that is perfect for porcelain, so it was natural that Limoges developed a ceramics industry. Now, ‘Limoges’ is simply a term to reference the type of clay used. Much of France’s ceramic manufacturers use Limoges in their china and other pottery. You’ll know if your Raynaud china is Céralene by the backstamp. It’s signified by a rooster with the name ‘Céralene’. This china is exceptionally uncommon to find, especially since Céralene discontinued patterns are still very popular in both American and European markets.

Our inventory of Céralene replacement china is ideal for anyone—collectors, newly-weds, those celebrating an anniversary, tastemakers, and those simply interested in a specific pattern. Whatever your case may be, we have a variety of unique and beautiful patterns to choose from, including dishes such as cups, plates, bowls, vases, and more. Because our entire inventory is in flux as our team adds in items from estate sales and auctions, we may add more to our Céralene china stock. This means that if you’re unable to find the pattern you were hoping for, check back in with us in a few weeks. We might just have it! Plus, when you register your pattern with us, we’ll be able to notify you by email once we obtain it. That way you never miss out on gorgeous Céralene china!

Raynaud’s Céralene dishes will undoubtedly be an exquisite addition to any home. If you have other questions about our Céralene replacement china, please call us at (845) 357-0160 to speak with our knowledgeable sales staff.

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