Bernardaud Grace

All you need to know Bernardaud Grace China

Brand: Bernardaud

Pattern: Grace

Manufacturer Status: Active

Dishwashing Method: Handwash

Secondary Market Value: Excellent

Description: Golden Floral/Trim, Light and Dark Blue Rim

Material: Bone China

In Production: 2002 – Till Now

Bernardaud launched its Grace pattern in 2002, and the innovative design is still active in production. Each piece of Bernardaud in Grace pattern is decorated with light and dark shades of blue color that creates a lavish effect with garlands and flowers in gold accents.

The rich detailing of Grace pattern in dinner sets gives the pieces an elegant modernized touch. This makes the Bernardaud Grace dinnerware ideal for all grand occasions.

You can have Dinner Plate, Flat Cup, Rim Soup Bowl, and Round Vegetable Bowl in this luxurious design.

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