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Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Gold (Czech Republic)

All About Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Gold (Czech Republic)

Brand:  Anna Weatherley     Pattern:  Simply Anna Gold (Czech Republic)

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued

Description:  Immaculately white porcelain with gold rim and embossed scallops.   

Theme:  Classic     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Fair     Best Uses:  Informal, Everyday

Simply Anna Gold (Czech Republic) is one of two Anna Weatherley patterns (the other being Simply Anna Polka) that do not showcase her botanical artwork.  Here, she veered away from the colors and just showcased the European porcelain at its purest from – immaculate white.      

Because of its gilt-edging, this pattern is not safe to use in the microwave oven. 

This pattern may have been discontinued but it still fills the quest for minimalist / contemporary design.  Use this everyday for a little more class.  

Our favorite is the Dinner Plate – classic and pure. 

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