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Anna Weatherley Ivy Garland

All About Anna Weatherley Ivy Garland

Brand:  Anna Weatherley     Pattern:  Ivy Garland

Manufacturer Status:  Active

Description:  White porcelain with 24-karat gold-edging, handpainted with intertwined green leaves and multicolored insects (bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, etc.) for accent.

Theme:  Elegant     Dishwashing Method:  Hand wash     Secondary Market Value:  Very Good     Best Uses:  Formal

Anna Weatherley’s Ivy Garland pattern almost reminds you of the luxurious Royal Copenhagen Floral Danica collection but at a fraction of the latter’s price.   

In fact, most of Anna Weatherley’s work is inspired by botany like those of the royalties and artists of the 18th century.

The intricate design of the Ivy Garland pattern is best for lavish dinners.  Your guests will surely commend your sophisticated taste. 

Because of its gilt-edging, this pattern is not safe to use in the microwave oven. 

We absolutely love the flat cup & saucer set  The color contrast is truly creative and is sure to ignite conversation.    

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