China Backstamps - Information and Pictures - Royal Doulton


Royal Doulton has kept up with their reputation of making durable, quality products since their beginnings in 1877. This is the company's first backstamp, which debuted in 1882. This example features the "Rouen" pattern name.

This is another stamp that made its first appearance in 1882. It has a pattern in the middle of four interlocked "D" letters. England, at the bottom, was not included in this stamp until 1891.

This stamp was first commonly used on earthenware products beginning in 1932. It is still used today.

Bunnykins is a nursery ware set introduced in 1934. It has its own special backstamp, featuring bunnies.

This stamp was introduced in 1959. It is visually similar to the 1932 design but has the "fine bone china" label. It is still in use today.

This backstamp, introduced in 1973, is also similar to previous versions, though it now features the "fine china" distinction. It is still used today.