China Backstamps - Information and Pictures - Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in the entire world, dating back to around the year 1750.

This is one of the first backstamps, dating back to 1761, when the company was known as Derby Porcelain.

This incised mark came out only a few years later in 1765 and was used for 20 years.

Starting in 1782, these stamps were used, but as time went on they became more poorly drawn.

This is one of a few stamps that came out in 1825 to contrast with the previously messy ones.

More similar to the present day stamp is this one, which began being used in 1877.

This stamp was used beginning in the late 19th century until 1935 in three different colors starting with blue, then red, and then puce.

This wartime mark was used from 1940-1945.

This special mark was used for the year 2000, with the Roman numeral MM.

The present day backstamp has been in use since 1976.