Aynsley, John Pembroke-Gold Trim: All You Need To Know

Aynsley, John Pembroke - Gold Trim China is one of the most elegant patterns of Aynsley. Manufactured in 1985, this beautiful pattern remained in production till 2015. The stylish pattern stands out with a floral print inspired from the 18th century Aynsley design. Leaves, colorful bird on the white ground, and designing at the rim gives it an attractive appearance. The gold trim in the pattern finishes the look of this beautiful pattern and gives it a royal touch.

What you need to know about the Aynsley, John Pembroke-Gold Trim China pattern:

There are several products in different shapes and sizes in this pattern. These comprise:

  • The plate shapes and sizes are: Dinner (10 5/8”), Salad (8 1/4"), Crescent Salad (8 1/2”), Dessert (7 1/8”), Bread and Butter (6 3/8”)
  • The different shapes and sizes in bowls: Fruit/Dessert (5 1/8”), All purpose (4”), Soup/ Cereal (6 5/8”), Rim Soup (8”), Large Rim Soup (9 1/4”)
  • There are two types of sugar bowls: One with lid and other without
  • Mugs come in different sizes: (3 1/2”), (3 5/8”), Footed with trim (3 3/8”), Footed without trim (4”)
  • The Oval Serving platter comes in two different sizes: (13 5/8”), and (15 7/8”)
  • Sandwich Trays are available in two sizes: 12 1/2”, and 12 1/8”
  • Salt and Pepper set comes in three different shapes and sizes: Smooth (4 7/8”), Octagonal (4 1/8”), and Octagon (4 1/2")
  • Creamer, Vegetable Bowl, Tureen & Lid, Coffee Pot and Lid, and Large Shell Shaped Dish are some of the other interesting products in this pattern.

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