Adams Lancaster China: All You Need To Know

Adams Lancaster China is one of the best patterns of Adams. It is Adam's last hand-painted design on porcelain. Manufactured from 1969 to 1998, the decorative blue line, green and purple leaves, and red flowers in this pattern make it stand out from the rest. The colorful design on the white background gives an elegant look to this lively pattern. The design is based on the Adams Rose, the pattern that was manufactured by the brand from 1829 to 1861.

What you need to know about the Adams Lancaster China pattern:

You will get many similar products in different sizes and shapes in this pattern. These includes:

  • There are two Flat Cup & Saucer Sets in size 2 5/8". One is with a striped handle, and the other is without it.
  • The plate sizes are as following: Dinner (10 1/8"), Salad (8"), Bread (6 1/8")
  • The different sizes in bowls are: Fruit/Dessert (5 3/4"), Cereal (6 1/4"), Soup (7 7/8")
  • There are two flat tea or coffee mugs, one is with a strip on the handle, and the other is without it
  • The oval serving platter is available in two sizes: One is of (12 1/8"), and the other is of (13 3/4")
  • There are two shapes in baker: oval (9" and 10 1/4") and rectangular (12")
  • Pie/Baking Plate is available in two sizes – (8 1/8") and (9 1/4")
  • Tankard, Creamer, Sugar Bowl & Lid, and Oval Vegetable Bowl are some of the other interesting pieces in the same pattern 

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