11 Great Reasons

  • Turn your unwanted china and tableware into cash
  • Best prices paid on many popular patterns
  • Deal with a reputable company, a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau
  • Avoid Ebay hassles and Craigslist scams
  • Hundreds of satisfied sellers
  • Free up needed storage space
  • Know that your china and tableware have found a new home, where they will be cherished and grace many a joyous occasion
  • In many circumstances we offer partial payment upfront
  • Simple process, you fill out this form, we get back with a quote on patterns we are buying, you either accept and ship or decline
  • No collection too large
  • Get paid by Paypal or check, you choose

Local Sellers:

  • Avoid the considerable expense of shipping
  • Get a check on the spot
  • No breakage = no frustrating insurance claims
  • Only replacement service in our area to offer this service
  • Easily accessible, right off exit 14b of the NY State Thruway
  • Day, evening and weekend appointments available
  • Many local sellers have taken advantage of this service and have been thrilled and amazed how easy it is

Sellers often ask us “why shouldn’t we sell our china on Ebay or Craigslist, won’t we get more for it”? The truth is that while occasionally better prices can be realized online (although our prices are often better), there is much more to selling online than meets the eye.

When selling on Ebay for example, all of Ebay’s rules and guidelines need to be followed, among them accurate product descriptions, return policies, handling times, DSR and feedback requirements etc. When listing a set of 60 pieces or more, accurate descriptions and effective photos can be a quite a chore. Not to mention dealing with non-paying buyers and the inevitable complaints and nitpicking about quality and shipping charges. There are also fees of up to 15% as well as upfront fees for which payment is required even if your items don’t sell. Many of these problems exist on Craigslist as well, plus an unhealthy dose of con artists and scammers.

By selling to Classic Replacements, you can avoid all of that. We are a reputable company with an A+ rating by the BBB of NY, in business since 2005. We know the market and what to expect and we always take great care to ensure that every step of the process is simple and easy. You can always contact us and we keep you informed on the status of your shipment. Payment is prompt and easy and if there is any breakage, we will guide you through the insurance process.

Local buyers have it even better. By bringing the items to us, there in no need for the considerable hassle and expense of packing and shipping and payment is while you wait. Hundreds of sellers have been amazed at the ease and convenience of this service.

Sell to us we will ensure your total satisfaction. It’s that simple.

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