Wedgwood Florentine Turquoise W2714

Wedgwood Florentine Salad Plate

All About Wedgwood Florentine Turquoise China

Brand: Wedgwood Pattern: Florentine Turquoise Pattern#: w2714

Manufacturer Status: Active In Production: 1931-

Description: Turquoise rim with white and brown dragons and floral bouquets, Colorful fruit center

Dishwashing Method: Handwash (Probable)  Secondary Market Value: Good  Best Uses: Formal Theme: Classical

This Florentine Turquoise pattern has been manufactured since 1931 by the Wedgwood China company, based in UK. There have been many patterns made by Wedgwood with the general "Florentine" theme, including Florentine Black, Gold, Green, Blue and many more. By our count Florentine Turquoise has had the longest run in active production of all of them. They all feature the same continental, 19th century idea, inspired by the Renaissance of Florence, Italy. What gives the Turquoise pattern it's staying power, it's edge? We don't know for sure. Maybe it is it's clear turquoise sheen. Or maybe it is Wedgwood's nostalgia in keeping at least one Florentine pattern around. Regardless, the last of these classics is worthy of the attention of any china connoisseur.

Our favorite Wedgwood Florentine pieces are the dinner plate as well as the teapot.

Size: 2 1/4 in (COUPE DS), Excellent/Flawless


Size: 2 3/8"


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