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Wedgwood Agincourt Blue

Wedgwood Agincourt Blue


 All About Wedgwood Agincourt Blue

Brand: Wedgwood     Pattern:  Agincourt Blue      Pattern #:  R4513

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1971-1987

Description: Gold trim, dark green border with inlay of flowers,white background

Dishwashing Method:  Handwash      Secondary Market Value: Fair     Best Uses:  Formal dining, matches well with Royal Doulton Carlyle china

This Agincourt Blue pattern was manufactured for sixteen years by the Wedgwood China company, based in England.  The discontinued Wedgwood Agincourt Blue china pattern is an exquisite looking pattern & has a design that is extremely popular among makers of fine china. The dark green border on the Agincourt Blue pattern along with its floral design & gold rim looks extremely elegant on its stark white background. The Agincourt Blue patterns name most probably comes from the the famous battle of Agincourt where the English king Henry V won a major victory over the French during the 100 year war & which took place near what is called today Azincourt in France. The Agincourt Blue pattern has a twin pattern called Wedgwood Agincourt Green with the same design but in a light green color. Its quite interesting to note that the Agincourt Blue pattern looks almost identical to the Royal Doulton Carlyle pattern unless one takes a careful closer look.

Our favorite Wedgwood Agincourt Blue pieces are the creamer  as well as the sugar bowl.

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