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Spode Christmas Tree (Green Trim) S3324

Spode Christmas Tree

 All About Spode Christmas Tree S3324

Brand: Spode     Pattern: Christmas Tree     Pattern #: S3324

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  N/A

Description: Green trim, white background, Christmas morning scene on center

Dishwashing Method: Dishwash safe     Secondary Market Value: Fair     

Best Uses:  Holiday/Christmas dining

This Christmas Tree  pattern was manufactured for an unknown amount of years by the Spode China company, based in England. The discontinued Spode Christmas Tree pattern is very obviously a pattern well suited for the holidays & Christmas especially based on its name & its holiday themed design of green trim & a Christmas tree with toys & Christmas gifts underneath it. In addition to being a wonderful & beautiful pattern to eat off of the Christmas Tree pattern is also a wonderful gift idea as Christmas is the time for gifts & presents. Spode Christmas Tree also has in addition to its dishes,  glassware & flatware & other tableware with the same Christmas Tree design on it which looks wonderful next to the china. Although Spode generally makes more solemn looking patterns, the Christmas Tree pattern is just as prestigious & beautiful as other Spode patterns. You will find more holiday themed pattern usually more with other china manufacturers like the Lenox Holiday pattern or the Lenox Country Holly pattern.


Our favorite Spode Christmas Tree pieces are the sugar bowl as well as the two tier serving dish.