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Lynn Chase Designs Jaguar Jungle

Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle


 All About Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle China

Brand: Lynn Chase Designs     Pattern: Jaguar Jungle    

Manufacturer Status:  Active   In Production:  1988-

Description: White middle, Black Border featuring Jaguars, exotic multi-color birds and flowers. 24K Gold Trim and Verge

Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe     Secondary Market Value: Very Strong (Sell Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle China)    Best Uses: Formal and Informal


This Jaguar Jungle pattern was manufactured starting in 1988 by the Lynn Chase Designs  China company, based in the US. See the animal kingdom come alive on yout table with this classic china pattern. Pictures rarely do this dinnerware justice. The detail of the jaguar, the boldness of the exotic birds and realness of the scene overall could only have been captured by an artist intimately familiar with the subject. And indeed, Lynn chase spent many years exploring the African jungles and creating works of art based on her experiences. Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle China is so stunningly bold and richly designed that it won the International Tabletop Committee’s Best Design and Impact Award in 1991, a prestigious honor.

Jaguar Jungle was one of Lynn Chase's earliest forays into the tableware market and was met with tremendous enthusiasm by the buying public. Many a Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle dinner plate or charger decorate a home in addition to a table. The tremendous line of Jaguar Jungle accessories such as bells, serving dishes and mugs, are unique in shape and style and make for great gifts .

Our favorite Lynn Chase Jaguar Jungle pieces are the mug as well as the the dinner plates.

Size: 12 1/4


Size: 9 1/2"


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