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Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz


 All About Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

Brand: Johnson Brothers     Pattern: Summer Chintz     

Manufacturer Status:  Active   In Production:  1988-

Description: White middle, Swirl border, Multi-color floral vine, Red trim

Dishwashing Method: Dishwasher Safe (Possibly only newer)     Secondary Market Value:  Strong    Best Uses: Formal and informal, Springtime

This Summer Chintz pattern was manufactured beginning 1988 by the Johnson Brothers China company, based in the UK. There are two versions of the Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz china. The first was manufactured from 1988 through 2003 in England and the backstamp features "Made in England". The second version, begun in 2003 and still active today features "England 1883" on the backstamp and is not made in England, but in China. We have seen no significant differences between the two, both in design or quality, but there are those who prefer to have one set of the same type. Be sure to specify what you want if it makes a difference to you.

Summer Chintz is another spring-centric china pattern. It's enduring popularity is due to the soft, pastel spring flowers that surround the small roses in full bloom, all swirling around the scalloped edge, backed by a gentle pink trim. Use it in the winter to remind you of spring and during spring because..... it's spring! Another great advantage of Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz is that it is chip resistant and (at least the newer version) can be put safely in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. How convenient is that!

Johnson Brothers Summer chintz is an earthenware-based pattern, giving it the durability and strength for every day use. It's many accessories make for great gifts and it's versatility allows it to enhance the formal table as well as it does the regular one.

Our favorite Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz dishes are the teapot as well as the sugar bowl.

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz Creamer

CODE: 2096

$23.99   $21.99
Size: Brand New
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Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz Creamer

CODE: 22311YD119

$26.00   $20.99
Size: 4 1/4" 10 OZ
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Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz Oval Vegetable

CODE: 22311YD115

$30.00   $25.99
Size: 9"
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Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz Saucer Only

CODE: 22311YD114

$6.00   $5.99
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