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Franciscan Desert Rose

Franciscan Desert Rose


 All About Franciscan Desert Rose

Brand: Franciscan     Pattern: Desert Rose   

Manufacturer Status:  Discontinued   In Production:  1985-2003

Description: Cream colored background, border of green leaves and pink roses

Dishwashing Method: Machinewash safe   Secondary Market Value: Strong     Best Uses: Everyday dining

This Desert Rose pattern was manufactured for 18 years by the Franciscan China company, based in the USA. Franciscan Desert Rose has several side patterns with different backstamps such as "made in England" & "made in Portugal". Although Franciscan Desert Rose was manufactured in several places they still all have the same basic design, Desert Rose is one of the most popular patterns manufactured in the USA going in to production in 1941 & still being made under some of the backstamps. The Desert Rose pattern featured here has the "Made in England" backstamp and is a cheerful looking pattern great for everyday dining & sure to brighten up your meals. Franciscan does manufacture other patterns with that same cheerful look to it such as the Franciscan Apple pattern which shares its bright colors and cream background with a thick glaze. The Dessert Rose pattern is not ideal for a formal dinner like other patterns are such as the Fitx & Floyd Cloisonne Peony Black pattern is but it does add the perfect touch of having nice china for your everyday dining.


Our favorite Franciscan Desert Rose pieces are the cookie jar  as well as the water can